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The installation of a new frameless or sami-frameless glass pool fence is a great way to add style and sophistication to any back yard pool enclosure. With over 10 years experience installing pool fencing, the team at Sydney Pool Fencing are experienced in all aspects of glass pool fencing.

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Glass Pool Fencing Installation | Frameless & Semi-frameless Glass Fencing

Glass Pool Fence InstallationFrameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is an elegant and sophisticated pool fencing solution for any homeowner who is not willing to compromise on safety or design. Strong and easy to maintain, a Frameless Glass Pool Fencing requires next-to-no maintenance once installed and maintains an air of luxury in your backyard. Frameless Glass Pool Fences create an impact without impacting your view in the backyard with a contemporary and high quality finish. Featuring barely viable lines, Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is an elegant way to ensure your pool fencing is strong and secure, while maximising the view of your pool and garden.

Specialising in Frameless Glass Pool Fence installation, Sydney Pool Fencing offer a personalised and unique service that others can’t match. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing has recently surpassed semi-frameless glass pool fencing as the most popular of form of glass pool barriers. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing completed by Sydney Pool Fencing is seen as the most desirable pool fence style due to its almost invisible floating appearance that does not hinder the flow and cohesion of the backyard.


Attractiveness: Frameless glass pool fences designed and installed bySydney Pool Fencing are stylish and aesthetically appealing. Simplistic and modern in design, a frameless glass pool fence has sleek edges and a nonintrusive design making it the premium pool fence solution.

  • Extra Space: Due to the sleek design and lines, a frameless glass pool fence has a non-intrusive design that give the pool and adjacent backyard space the illusion of space.
  • Easy to Maintain: While timber fences can rot and aluminium fences can rust, a Frameless Glass Pool Fence does not require any major maintenance as it can stand the riggers of bad weather making frameless glass pool fences the premier choice in pool fences
  • Safety: Not only does a frameless glass pool fence allow greater visibility to the pool, but with no footholds, access to the pool area is virtually non-existent meaning Frameless glass pool fences are not only easy on the eye, but one of the safest pool fencing solutions.
  • Blends with other Décor: As a frameless glass pool fence is transparent it will not detract from the overall design of the pool and surrounding area and any kind of furnishing you choose for the pool area will blend well and stand out as the major design element
  • Durable and Tough: The panels used in a frameless glass pool fence are toughened so breaking the fence is virtually impossible unless extreme force is applied to it to ensure the safety of the pool area and glass panels are maintained

Sydney Pool Fencing specialises in frameless glass pool fencing that offers an uninterrupted views of your pool and surroundings while providing a safe and effective pool barrier. Frameless glass pool fence can be installed in-ground, on concrete, paving or decking. Glass can be cut to meet your specific requirements and you have an option to mix glass and normal fence arrangements. All of the glass pool fencing and glass balustrades offered by Sydney Pool Fencing are manufactured from toughened safety glass that adheres to the Australian Safety Standards and the NSW Pool Legislation. At Sydney Pool Fencing, we take the time and effort to create an appealing pool fence and use only premium materials to complete your pool fencing requirements efficiently and effectively each and every time.

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