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Pool Fence Repairs | Repairs to glass, aluminium & timber pool fencing & gates in Sydeny


Sydney Pool Fencing RepairsPool Fencing Repairs

Pool Fencing Solutions Sydney offers a comprehensive and complete pool fencing service including new installations and fence repairs across Sydney and the surrounding regions. With professional, experienced and knowledgeable pool fence installers and pool fence repairers, Pool Fencing Solutions Sydney is the industry leader in pool fencing in Sydney.

Pool Fencing Solutions Sydney not only install new pool fences but also provide repairs for all fencing types. Pool Fences can become damaged by everyday wear and tear, corrosion, rot and exposure to harsh weather or accidents. We provide a cost effective and prompt service to address any fencing repairs that may be required to ensure no further damage occurs.

Aluminium, Glass & Timber Pool Fence & Gate Repairs Pool Hinge & Gate Repairs

By offering a pool fence repair service, Pool Fencing Solutions Sydney are able to help our clients save money and the hassle of having to have an entirely new pool fence installed. Performing repairs to all varieties of pool fencing materials including, aluminium, timber, glass and other bespoke fencing types. All of our pool fence repairs are of the highest quality and we will ensure all repairs are completed to your pool fence inspectors’ suggestions and the highest regulatory standards.

Pool Fencing Solutions Sydney have the skills and experience to interpret any work required as indicated in a pool fence inspection report and have amassed a wealth of knowledge to provide any repairs prior to having a pool fence inspection to ensure your pool fence is compliant to the New South Wales Pool Safety Legislation at your first inspection.

Specialising in pool fence and gate repairs, Pool Fencing Solutions Sydney have a vast amount of experience in dealing with pool fence compliance issues and liaise with pool fence inspectors directly to guarantee all pool fence repair work meets the standards required by your pool fence inspector. This relationship is pivotal to get your pool compliance completed correctly the first time around.

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Professional & Prompt Repairs to Pool Fencing & Gates in Sydney NSW

Pool Gate Repairs

Pool Fencing & Gate Repairs

Pool gates are the most common issue found during a pool compliance inspection. Pool gates often fail to self-close and latch and require minor repairs to allow them to function in a compliant mannor.

Gate Latch Adjustments and Replacement

Often gate latches are installed below the minimum required height of 1500mm or have a fault catching device and need to be replaced.

Self-Closing Hinge Repairs

Self-closing hinges on pool gates can wear out over time, causing a loose of tension. Once this happens, the pool gate will not self-close and hinges will need to be adjusted or replaced.

Other Pool Fencing Services | Sydney NSW

Aluminium Pool FencingSydney NSW
In addition to glass and timber pool fencing, we can install a range of aluminium pool fencing. Aluminium pool fencing panels come in a range of colours, styles and heights.
Timber Pool Fencing
A timber pool fence can be great way to create a complying pool barrier as it can be easily cut to size. Timber is often used for boundary fencing and in locations where it is too expensive to build a custom glass or aluminium fence.
Pool Fence Repairs
Performing pool fence repairs to glass, aluminum and timber fences, we can fix pool gates, install complying latches, replace fencing posts and any other pool fence related repair you may requrie.
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If you require an entire new pool fence or a few minor repairs, the team at SydneyPoolFencing.com.au have over 10 years experience installing pool fencing throughout the greater Sydney region.